Starting a new challenge


Glad you have come to visit my quirky little slice of the world wide web. Hope you enjoy yourself!

In the past year I have moved to a new town and set up camp in a new domain. I am raising my 2 darling daughters (“3 in June” and 16 months), and our newest addition, our baby boy (4 months). I am continually learning to be a better help-mate to my hubby (7 years in May!), BUT the most exciting thing that has come in the last year has been to discover where and how God wants me to grow. This is fun! God has been moving in new ways and through new venues! I have been attempting to read His word more often, be open to His guidance in everyday situations, find more Christ-based resources, and follow the leadership of my godly husband. Because of this obedience (and even in spite of a lot of disobedience), God has sent me through some TOUGH growing!

Just one of the Christ-based resources God has used is the blog (blogs are a definite God send for crazy moms like me) by Sarah Mae.  Recently she has released her newest e-book, 31 Days to Clean Having a Martha Home the Mary Way. Because I read her  inspiring blog often I was excited to see what this (CHEAP, $4.99) book had to say. I’m always up for a challenge ( is leading the 31 days challenge which began May 1st) and helps on maintaining or enhancing my “domain”. Each day has inspiring thoughts, a Mary challenge, and a Martha challenge. Check it out and join up today!

All that being said (I’m hoping to get better at this), I am going to start a series about each day’s progress going back to day 1.


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