31 Days to Clean: Day #2


Day 2 – Created to Give Life

Mary Challenge: What can you do today to bring life to your home, your children, your husband, and your sphere of influence?

Ugg, I am still working on this…

I feel like I’m ok at Decorating, preparing meals, hospitality

BUT I am a giant FAIL in the areas of using my words creating an atmosphere of peace and breathe life into (but not limited to) my family. I have a tendency to be a pessimist and have a hard time encouraging anyone over the age of ~5. I just feel silly. Totally wrong, just being honest. Feel free to post advice in this area. I’m also learning to be teachable.

Not sure how I stack up in the areas of: education – to yourself, your children, or others, church – using your gifts, socially, culture and the arts, heritage and traditions – enriching the lives around you

Martha Challenge: Kitchen – Clean out and scrub down the refrigerator and freezer.

 I thought this task would be simple because I had resently cleaned out my fridge one Sunday morning while I was the only one home from church with a sick baby…but I was a little wrong.

 I forgot I’d run out of time before I hit the disgusting freezer. I forgot to snap a shot of the horrific trays in the door.
Can you can “can of frozen grease”? bluck!

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