31 Days to Clean: Day #6


Day 6 – The Six List- The $25,000 Piece of Advice

Mary Challenge: Print out the attached Six list and use it for six days in a row.     

I really enjoyed this advice but have yet to put into practice. If you have and would share with me a practical/example of how you are using it I would totally benefit from that.

Martha Challenge: Kitchen – Clean out and organize all your cabinets.

I’m a weirdo who like organizing to this was kinda fun! I’m also all about living minimalistic in an attempt to not get caught up in materialism although HOME items are my weakness!

Cup Cabinet

Plate and Bowl Cabinet

Mixing, Casserole Dishes, and Above Stove Cookbook Cabinet

Before Seasoning, Above Fridge, and Medicine Cabinets


After Seasoning, Above Fridge, and Medicine Cabinets

Office Stuff and Serving Dishes Cabinets

Under Sink Supplies and Storage Container Cabinets

Pan and Lid Cabinets

Baking Pans Cabinet

Small Appliance Cabinet

Lenin and More Serving or Baking Dishes Cabinet

We LOVE hosting…well, anything in our home! We make up excuses to have individuals or large groups of people in our home. We have been blessed with an amazing accommodating kitchen that is able to store both dishes, supplies, tools, and food to easily adapt if a dinner date with another family turns in to a dinner party of 20+ (true story!). As a family we intend on using our home for God’s glory and if at any time that stops happening my prayer is that He takes this blessing and gives it to someone who will.

This side note is leading me to write a post on the story of our HOME! Coming SOON!


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