Why does my child like this?


When moving out of my family’s home in 2002 and heading to college my access to cable was cut off which carried over into marriage and parenthood. I’ve never missed it and I think I actually have more fun and accomplish more without it. Don’t get me wrong; we often feel out of the loop in silly conversations but we do rent redbox movies, own dvds of favorite flicks and several tv show series we’ve received as gifts so we’re not against sitting and staring. It can be great mind numbing entertainment that requires no though or energy! We also really enjoy no commercials, watching at our own pace and choosing what we view. *exhausting rabbit chasing…

I really wanted to pose the question:
What’s the deelio with children’s programing? Especially those that call themselves “christian” programing. Today’s Saturday mornings cartoons were brought to our family via the ghetto antenna, attached to a converted box, attached to our tv. This is not our customary way of Saturday Morning Cartoons but this morning was one of those audible mornings. Oddly enough, the antenna upstairs and downstairs pick up totally different channels (only 1 of which is worth watching). If we do use the antenna it’s in my bedroom as an emergency babysitter (thank you curious george and super why!) while I shower. This morning we chose to use the one in the livingroom…

Now Sunday School Monsters on the other hand…what are we teaching in the precious name of Jesus. Borderline blasphemy. You should NOT be teaching church-isms as biblical principles! Shame on you!!! No wonder we have thousands of drones running around thinking because they are good people who go to church they hold the name Christ follower. Let’s stop making modern-day, bible belt pharisees!

Gina’s Kids Club– Sorry, I gotta say it, “WIERD!” When was this produced? Why does my child like this? The webpage is pretty ‘with it’ but the show itself- cheese! Thank you none-the-less for entertaining my children with simple, child-like purity!


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