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Chicken Casserole


This is more than a staple at our house! My husband would eat this at leastevery other day. As a matter of fact, when I told him I was gonna start recipe posts on thuRsdays, he said, “so…when ya make’n Chicken Casserole!?!” The original recipe comes from Katie Williamson; THANK YOU, you helped me make a happy hubby! We first made this dish together to take to a friend who had just had surgery back in ~2008.

2 cups cooked chx
1 can chx noodle soup
1 cup mayo (we use miricle whip)
1 jar pomintos (we omit)
1 cup diced celary (we omit)
1 tbs minced onion (we use pwd)
1 tsp lemon juice
2 cups cooked rice
1 sleeve crushed crackers (we use Ritz)

Mix all (-crackers) in a bowl or just in the casserole dish you’ll bake it in the top with crackers after in cass. dish, cook ~30 min or until bubbly @ 350′ then EAT!

This works great with several of these things made a head. I like to cook an entire bag of boneless skinless chx breast for ~1 hr @350′. Then I dice all of it (why dice? faster meals with preKs) and refrigerate so they’re ready for up coming meals (i.e. chx cass, mex chx, crunchy garlic chx- recipes coming soon). I also use my handy-dandy chopper to crush several sleeves of crackers at once. I put 1 sleeve of crushed crackers in a plastic bag in the pantry (labeled) for later. I also make big batches of rice to store left overs in fridge and use for lots of dishes later (i.e. chx cass, stir fry, breakfast rice- recipes coming soon)