Daily Archives: June 18, 2011

Crumbs in Our Bed


Chitter chatter from to cradle and crib down the hall wakes me,
I’d like to say with a smile on my face but instead,
with a grumpy spirit.
Morning snuggles, diaper changes,
turn on the antenna powered tv, super why entertains my child with lessons on letters while I run down stairs,
pop a couple frozen waffles in the toaster along with a poptart,
grab sippy cups 1/2 full of milk, then head back upstairs
to find the toddler is yanking at the baby safety gate and the baby is chill’n in the middle of the king size bed
only to be greeted moments later by the preschooler all sleepy-eyed and full of grins to see that the tv is on.


Yep, this is a habit we’ve avoided for YEARS. Our bed is our bed but his morning Our Bed is full of Smiles, cartoons, and crumbs!

My husband is a youth pastor. We started our married life joyfully chasing after students for Jesus. As we’ve grown our family of 2 up to 5 in the past 3 years we are still attempting the chase but it seems to have become this triathlon rather than our former well oiled machine whose pace was perfectly in sync. As an irreplaceable, crazy 5-some we are butterfly’n it across the lake, 3 kids in floaties attached to our wastes, looping back to retrace the route around the correct bogies. We then jump’n from the water onto our double seater bike with a baby trailer and seat attached busting through barricades make of hay-bails getting dirtier and more roughed up as the journey continues only to muster up all our strength for the 3-legged-potatoe sack-race, baby harnesses in-toe, toward the goal with our skinned hearts, browsed egos, and wore down bodies, minds, and souls.

If anyone reading has mastered this “help-mate” thing as an involved youth pastor’s wife while being an active mommy at the same time as maintaining her home, let me in on the secret!

I haven’t trained for this kind of feet. I don’t even know where to seek out this kind of training. But I believe, with all that is in me, I wouldn’t continue to have these desires {to help serve alongside my husband in ministry, raise my children wholeheartedly, and maintain a home of order and peace all for the glory of God} if that wasn’t what The One was calling me to do. I’m a work in progress daily remembering- all I have is through His blessing and all I am lacking is coming in His timing. Change me oh Lord!

So, for today while I can’t be right beside my creative hubs at Super Summer AR chasing after students for Jesus, I will attempt to maintain peace and order in my home while loving my babes wholeheartedly, even if that means Our Bed is full of Smiles, cartoons, and crumbs for today!

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