I usually don’t do expensive kitchen stuff…or anything for that matter…but my mom-in-love gave me a Pampered Chef Mix and Chop and I use it at least 4 times a week.

I love this tool. I use it to chop ground beef. It makes it quick and easy. Without must effort at all it help you ground your beef into tiny bits. A few of the meals I use this tool for are: Baked Ziti, Taco Soup, spaghetti, enchiladas, Beefy Cheese Dip, and Mexican Trifold.

I have bought one of these (and the other pampered chef tools I love) off eBay for my mom. Love’m

*Note: I am not being paid for these recommendations/reviews but if you know how I can- bring it!


About as Jules is going

Julie Rothacher is a missionary currently serving in central Arkansas, with her husband of 10 years, as youth ministers. She and Matt have 4 children, Magdalene (6years), Isabella (5years), Benjamin (4year), and Elizabeth (1year). God is leading Julie and her family on fun adventures. She is new to blogging but loves sharing what God is doing in her life which include but are not limited to the simple silliness of every day quirkiness that happens around her home with 4 under 6, a hilarious husband, and their newest endeavors: homeschooling and CHURCH PLANTING!

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