I’m Worn Out


After 45 minutes, 11 times putting my toddler back in her bed, 3 spankings for each my toddler and preschooler, and almost falling asleep while leaning against the bedroom door frame because I’m Worn Out but THEY ARE ASLEEP in the same room (for now)!

I’d like to share with you a journey of consistent parenthood that my husband and I are on. someday we are the ideal, prime, text-book example of how to be Christian (Christ-like) parents in disciplining and other days we’d be so ashamed to know anyone saw the way we treated our children in handling a frustrating situation.

I’d like to encourage you to go one this journey with us.

Our goal is: consistent Parenthood which requires continually deciding if how we are doing it is right so in our constantly we aren’t continually doing it wrong. hahaha A major thing we require of our children is what some may call “immediate obedience”, we call listening the “1st time” in our house. Being consistent is exhausting when you require that! It means you can’t be lazy. It means you have to make tough decisions (constantly). I means you need to have regular ‘pow wows’ with your significant other to make sure not only are you on the same page but preferably on the same line or exact same word of that page. This will definatly wear you out but it’s worth it!

Here are a couple of examples of exhausting things we have our children do consistently, why, and what that requires of us:

1. Stay in bed (preferably sleeping) until 7.
Keeps everyone in a routine.
Taking our children back to their bed(s) when they get up before then (5am) and or helping them go back to sleep

2. Eat (portioned accordingly) (must at least try 1 bite for something new)
Health, thankfulness, and manners/character/attitude
Having regular meal routine. Eat together. Try new foods.

3. Pick up toys before bed (both naps and night-time)
Helps keep their things from getting lost (pieces included) or broken
We have to train the how to do this correctly (another post to come on our definition of train), help when necessary, and make them do it.

4. Sleep
Health, sanity, manners/demeanor/character/attitude
Have constant nap routine. Have adequate sleeping for each child. Make them; even when that requires standing in the hall for 45 minutes
some days (as described above).

Why do you do this to your family and yourself?

“We see the first lesson Christ taught his disciples and a lesson that He continued to teach throughout His time with them was obedience.”
-Sadie Dodson of WellTrainedFamily.com

What are some of the exhausting but effort worthy things you are constant about with your children?


As a family we are always trying to line everything we do up against The Standard, the Word of God and the Son of God- the Bible and the perfect life of Jesus. Writing this post made me go back and make sure the things we are requiring of our children is Biblical.

If you’re a Christian, are you continually laying your life along side God’s Word to seeing if your life really is “Christ-like”?


About as Jules is going

Julie Rothacher is a missionary currently serving in central Arkansas, with her husband of 10 years, as youth ministers. She and Matt have 4 children, Magdalene (6years), Isabella (5years), Benjamin (4year), and Elizabeth (1year). God is leading Julie and her family on fun adventures. She is new to blogging but loves sharing what God is doing in her life which include but are not limited to the simple silliness of every day quirkiness that happens around her home with 4 under 6, a hilarious husband, and their newest endeavors: homeschooling and CHURCH PLANTING!

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