“That’s the plan, Remember!?!”


“I do the talking. You do the thing with the {piano}. And God does the rest! That’s the plan…Remember!?!”

Do you know where your kids are getting what they are pretending? I’m excited to say that I love knowing these above conversation came from a Veggie Tale, Moe and the big exit. Maggie told Izzie this in an attempt to get her to play the piano. LOVE IT!

People have always suggested that you not let the TV babysit your children. I thought, well duh. Why would I do that? Hahaha, but now, after having 3 who I’m taking turns feeding, napping, changing, playing with, I totally understand how putting a movie on in the afternoon gives you 30+ minutes to get a lot of chores completed with ease or to just sit. BUT it is still important that you not fall into this trap. Parenting is about building relationships with your children and using every teachable moment. Laughing over cartoons and discussing what they are learing (yes, they learn from everything) from what they are watching. This also gives you the opportunity to decide if what they are learning is really helping or hurting your efforts in raising Christ-followers!

What is your favorite movie to watch with your children?


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