The Art of Conversation


I LOVE that my husband goes on dates with other young ladies!
{When they are my young ladies in training!}

Long before Matt and I ever had children he expressed his desire to date our daughters. Having the simple one on one time to invest in the oh so important daddy-daughter relationship, truly get to know his daughters’ hearts, encourage even more teachable moments including but not limited to how she, as a princess of God, should be courted.

Right now these dates are sporadic but with our oldest having just turned 3, I think we have years to continue this healthy tradition. Now, I know what you’re thinking…what amazingness is he pouring into her while they share their hearts over “cheese tacos”!?!

Here are a few things Matt tries to do on each date:
Plan or be spontaneous about the day and time they should go
Invite her
Let her pick her favorite fast food restaurant for their breakfast or lunch (if it’s a meal date)
Open the car door as well as buckle her into her car seat
Order her favorite meal at said restaurant (if it’s a meal date)
Continuous Conversation (even if the date is running errands)
Ask probing questions like: Hi, what have you been doing today, what was your favorite thing you’ve done today (or yesterday), and whatever rabbit trail questions come from the answers to those question if needed…for the most part, the majority of their date is spent LISTENING (girls like to talk)

During these adventures my girls are learning the heart of their daddy. They are learning he will love them in a way that it will make it nearly impossible for any man to easily win her heart. They are learning manors don’t just apply at home. They are learning to obey in public. They are learning to make choses. They are learning how to ask and answer questions. They are learning daddy will always listen no matter how simple or complex, how short or lengthy, applicable or random the topic. There are so many facets (too many to list) to the daddy daughter date but one of the most important is to teach them (early) is the art of conversation!

Do you date your kids? Share some fun ideas you have or have tried. Did your parents date one another or you and your siblings? I’m always up for a good story!


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