Treasure These Things


Grocery shopping day are always tough for us and mix up my younger to children’s nap times. Iz (almost 2) hadn’t been down long but J was super tired. Since they share a room I didn’t want him to wake her by putting him down before she was up on her own I rocked him to sleep and held him for ~20 min until she woke up!!!
I know to most people this doesn’t sound like a big deal but you have to understand–> we don’t rock our kids to sleep! 2 Fold:

  • First of all: Matt and I decided way back when we had our 1st child (3.5 years ago) after reading LOTS on babies and sleep and talking to our pediatrician that is was better to let our babies learn to sooth themselves to sleep. {Leave a comment or inbox me if you have more questions on this} 
  • Secondly: It is physically impossible to rock everyone to sleep with 3 under 3.

I haven’t held him sleeping in probably 8 months or more. It was such a sweet time! I treasure these moments!

“Mary treasured all these things in her heart and always thought about them.”
-Luke 2:19 (God’s Word Translation)


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