Technology…oh the love hate relationship we have.

God created everything and it was {is?} good. He’s given us so many things that our lives are benefiting from but all also have the opportunity to become a sin.
Why would God “make” things we are commanded to ‘flee’ from? If I have these tough questions how am I supposed to answer the incessant questioning of my 3-year-old?
Recently she is always asking me, “Did God made ____?” She ask this about everything! Some answers are a simple “Yes” others are a little trickier.

“Did God make me?”

“Did God make that tree?”

“Did God make that bird?”

“Did God make that car?”

“Did God make that building?”

“Did God make that phone?”
“Uhhhh… {I’ve been tried to come up with a go-to answer for these types of questions}
… God made people smart enough to make things.” Said through clinched teeth wondering if that answer would suffice. Does she understand that? Is that the right answer?

God made Maggie, trees, and birds. And God saw it was good! -Genisis 1

It’s easy to say that. But did God make that building for His creation to use to sin against Him? Did God make that phone for His creation to use it to sin against Him and His creation?

Tough answers for an ever-growing mommy trying to train up her children in the way they should go so they will not depart from it. I want what I teach them to be the TRUTH. If they are not going to depart from it then I want it to be correct. The Truth.

What would your answer be to these probing questions?


About as Jules is going

Julie Rothacher is a missionary currently serving in central Arkansas, with her husband of 10 years, as youth ministers. She and Matt have 4 children, Magdalene (6years), Isabella (5years), Benjamin (4year), and Elizabeth (1year). God is leading Julie and her family on fun adventures. She is new to blogging but loves sharing what God is doing in her life which include but are not limited to the simple silliness of every day quirkiness that happens around her home with 4 under 6, a hilarious husband, and their newest endeavors: homeschooling and CHURCH PLANTING!

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  1. My answer many times is. God gave “joe” the idea to make it. Without Joe God woukd have given someone else the job. God gives many people the ideas an tools to create many things. 🙂 what do ya think?

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