Advent {Day 8}: UpCycle Gift Wrap


Any WIC mamma’s out there? Being a WIC mamma myself, I know we have to “buy” those tiny 12.5oz Imfamil Premium formula cans. I end up with piles of these adorable sized cans (7 a month to be exact). Anyone else out there enjoy finding fun new up-cycle crafts for them? I DO!

Last year these became our neighbor, mail carrier, and sanitation department gifts! This year they may even be teacher gifts for our Sunday school and Cubbie teachers as well as nursery workers.

I’d love to share with you several gifts that fit perfectly into these miniscule containers at minimal cost!

Decorating Cans

  1. Always wash cans after emptying/using all the formula
  2. Make sure to wash and save the scoop just in case
  3. Let dry overnight
  4. Choose paper according to your desired theme (scrap wrapping paper, construction paper, etc)
  5. Measure, cut, tape
  6. Add embellishments to the lid
    (bows of any kind, your own homemade tag, or my printables are available in the post series: “Gift Ideas”)

Other items you may be able to stock up on fast are baby food jars. If you have babies then they are going through possibly 3 or more jars of food a day(if you’re not doing homemade, which we’ve done before). Those are another great idea for re-purposing!

Decorating Baby Food Jars

  1. Always wash jar after emptying
  2. Make sure to wash and save the lid as well
  3. Let dry overnight
  4. Add embellishments to the side of the jar. This helps cover the left over sticky from the former label and takes away from the fact that its baby food jar. Wrap it all the way around the jar or just make a small 1” x 1.5” label. I like using Mod Pog to glue the paper on but tap will work as well.
    (you can make a simple homemade tag, or my printables are available in the post series: “Gift Ideas”)
  5. Fill the jar with gift before sealing lid off with embellishments.
  6. Click HERE for ideas to fill your jars.
  7. Choose paper according to your desired theme that will cover the lid.
    (tissue paper seems to work the best but scrap wrapping paper, construction paper, etc will work as well)
  8. Measure, cut, and strap the paper over the lid with ribbon
    (curling ribbon works great and is cheap but any handy ribbon you have will work)

Hope this helps those out there like my family that LOVE giving gifts, fun wrapping, and homemade items!

Anyone else out there have some great up-cycled ideas you would like to share?

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