Advent {Day 15}: Cubbie’s Christmas Party


Last night I skipped out on our youth serves {where I normally serve} to hang out with my oldest daughter in her Awana Cubbie class for their “Happy Birthday Jesus” Party!!!

They started out the night by practicing their song for Sunday’s Christmas fellowship. “Ring the Bells on Christmas”

Then they played in the gym for their regular Cubbie game time. RUN!

Then they headed back to their room and heard the story of Jesus’ birthday. They retold the story using their felt board characters and made a craft- “Baby Jesus” in a manger.

After knowing about Whose birthday we were celebrating we began the party with some cheese pizza. {oops, I forgot and already fed my kiddo dinner}

Guess who didn’t eat any pizza and only chug-a-lugged her drink before dessert because her slacker mamma forgot they were eating at the party and fed her dinner before the party???

Then they decorated their cupcakes for Jesus’ birthday. We sang “Happy Birthday” and chowed down on some goodies!

{She was intense with this frosting…refused to get more and was determined to spread this miniscule amount over then entire top of the cupcake—>cut little weirdo!}

GREAT NIGHT! I so enjoyed spending time with my baby and her friends. Watching her interact with all her friends. Getting to know all of her friends and teacher a little better!

What fun ways are you teaching your child about Whose Birthday we are celebrating this time of year?

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    • We are going to make one for Christmas morning. We did cupcakes for the cubbies so they would each have their own to decorate! You need to come down her and help in your nieces’ cubbie class! ;o)

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