Advent {Day 24}: Hot Cocoa Recipe


Today I want to focus on mail carriers. They have one of the hardest jobs this holiday season:
Amist the lousy cold weather that produces horrible driving conditions and makes you want to do nothing but snuggle on the couch with a good movie, They make sure we all get our:

  1. Christmas cards to friends and family on time
  2. packages with the must-have Christmas toy to your house before the big day
  3. not to mention all those silly story fliers so we can find the best deals.

Today I’m sharing my last gift idea that fit perfectly into those adorably miniscule formula containers at minimal cost! Something WARM to help those carriers make it through their days a little cozier.

Wanna know How-To Decorating Cans? Click over HERE for step by step instructions.

Filling Cans

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix:

  1. Make homemade hot cocoa mix
    Today I am sharing my mother-in-love’s AWESOME homemade Cocoa Recipe over at the
    homemaker’s challenge dot com!
    Go grab it!
  2. Add cocoa mix
  3. Use the formula scoop as a cute touch for serving up the dry cocoa mix
  4. Place bow on top of the lid or printable tag (click  Cocoa Printables for free printable)

These people who serve us weekly can feel your appreciation through these simple gifts! Wouldn’t you? Homemade adds that special touch as well.

I would like to challenge you to think of those who make your life  you’re thankful for this season and recognize them with a simple gift to warm their spirits!


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