I am a disciple of Jesus Christ named Julie Rothacher

who has been happily married for 7 years to my sweet and endlessly loving hubby, Matt!

We have 3 fearfully and wonderfully made babes:

Magdalene (Maggie, Mags, Magnadoodle, etc), Isabella (Izzie, Iz, IzzieRu, etc), and Benjamin (Jamin, J, J-man, etc),
all of whom you will hear TONS about here.
{Learn more about them over on the “Roth-Babes” page.}


This is a place for me to spit out all that’s flowing around in my brain and has nowhere to go.
Maybe it will edify, teach, train.
Maybe it will create action, send, inspire.
Maybe it will alert.
Maybe it will feed, awaken, grow.
Maybe it will help, heal, restore, mend, breathe life.
Or, Maybe it will help me think straighter after getting all of it out.
No matter how God chooses to use this avenue in my life or yours, may it honor Him…here it is.

*Photos 2&3 by Jen L. Davis Photography


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