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Thank You!


God has blessed me so much in the past 9 months with the opportunity to vent, share, encourage, or just blog out into this space we call the Internet. I just wanted to say I’m thankful for You! Yep, YOU!!!

Thank you for reading!

 Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for participating.

Thank you for praying.

Thank you for just clicking round and going on this journey with me!!!

How was your thanksgiving? Please share! I love hearing from your side of the net ;o)


And your thoughts Julie? {on Homosexuality}


This post came about in a response to a post my Sarah Mae {please read here}.

As a Christ follower, I believe that the entire Bible is the word of God and therefore I attempt to line all my believes, convictions, and {inevitably dictated} action up with the Bible. That being said…
The Bible always list homosexuality alongside other sins. So I believe the Act of homosexuality is a sin. I also believe that, like any other sin, some people are more pron to be tempted with certain sins than other people (possibly ‘born’ with it). {Satan is not creative; he finds something that works and sticks with it.} Again like any other sin, having homosexual thoughts (if not lustful) is not an act of sin.
We, “Christians”, quickly excuse away ‘simple sins’, ya know the ones that aren’t as bad as so-n-sos.

  • lying– “I just told a little white lie”
  • materialism– “Well, I needed ______”
  • or plain old disobedience– “I’m not called to _____”.

Unlike this list of other sins we do seem to shy away from discussing other “gray sins” like homosexuality because they baffle us. Fewer people in the past admitted to this sin so we think those in the minority sinful category must be worse than those in the majority. “Just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t make it right” or better or less wrong or okay.  Ignorance is often the key to any sin, in this case our hatred of ‘gays’ or the stark contrast which is still a sin and that’s assistance of ‘gay’ action. As Christians we are to 

“Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.” 2 Tim 2:22

Fellow Christians should be helping one another “FLEE” these desires that lead to pits of sin if not handled.

Sin is sin, no matter what kind, it land us all in the same place {hell} if not saved by Grace Himself! Christ did not pay the ultimate price for us so that we can go on sinning. I love where Paul talks about this in Romans ch 5 and 6!

“20 God’s law was given so that all people could see how sinful they were. But as people sinned more and more, God’s wonderful grace became more abundant. 21 So just as sin ruled over all people and brought them to death, now God’s wonderful grace rules instead, giving us right standing with God and resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. 1 Well then, should we keep on sinning so that God can show us more and more of his wonderful grace? 2 Of course not! Since we have died to sin, how can we continue to live in it?” Romans 5:20-6:2 NLT

{Read the entire context here to get an even better picture}

Romans 6:2 in our translation says, “Of course not!” in its original Greek language has the same emphatic tone as saying “HELL NO!” according to my friend and Greek scholar. Paul wasn’t playing around! Jesus lived as one of us and knows we sin. We are ‘born’ with a sin nature. Jesus didn’t shy away from that. “Jesus declared. ‘Go now and leave your life of sin.'” John 8:11.

We are to love people. I agree with Sarah Mae when she says “Just, listen. Let’s start there.” Time is the best way you can love people. Don’t avoid something/someone because of your ignorance about it/them. Educate Yourself!


I pray all my views represent Christ and His word. If you feel (and can give me scriptural backing) that something I’ve said is wrong; PLEASE tell me so I can correct myself.
I am interested to have a discussion here about this topic. Thoughts; Christian or otherwise are welcome? Comments are monitored before “approval” so please keep it clean.

Awe, the memories they made


Memories…good, bad, awkward, fun, silly, painful, deep- all have a special place in God’s perfect, absolute, complete, flawless plan!
This past weekend, my family and I took a trek up to Fayetteville to hang out with my parents, niece and nephew for a couple of days. After the tasking of simply (hehe) getting packed and out-of-town the adventure began! Traveling with a potty training (almost) 3-year-old, a napping 1.5-year-old and nursing 5 month old while was a task; attempting to keep everyone from melting down by stopping for 3 potty breaks, grab a snack which was then tossed with happy meal toy (that had been collecting in a bucket) to the back of the van over our bags, stroller, and stuff– 4 hours later we arrived right on time for their bed time. But we still needed to eat dinner and get in some Much needed play time with the cousins! We all met the chicken’s and ducks the grandparents bought at Easter time in honor of all the grandkids. The girls played with naked barbies and chased remote control trucks. We attempted to set up camp with our three little ones who are very set in a routine. Maggie’s sharing a bed with someone for the 1st time. Izzie was scared to sleep in a room with her cousin in a strange new place. Jamin passed smooth out from exhaustion never to be heard from again until 6:30 a.m. Poppie ran to get a pillow to lay with Izzie until she went to sleep. And night 1 was over.

After a long night of trying to keep everyone in their beds we woke up EARLY. The day was packed with tons more playing, grocery shopping, lunch at Chick-fil-A (AMAZING every time!) and my mom and I got ready for the party (that’s what we call any gathering with food and friends).

Party’n with family was fun. Catching up, telling stories, eating steaks, mac-n-cheese, and duck booty cupcakes, snapping pictures, and laughing!

(these pics of the girls were captured by my cousin Lisa- THX!)

El Shaddai showed up this weekend- my God is all-sufficient!

Kid’s Book Club


Yesterday, the kiddos and I went to the White Hall (or any) public library for the 1st time! A friend from our amazing Sunday school class met me there with her 3 kids and showed me the ropes. While her 3 and Mags ran into the children’s section and peered of rows and rows of  books, Leann and I signed up our kids for the summer book club where you read 10 books with your toddler/preschooler per week to get their name in a drawing and I got my 1st library card. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used my mom’s as a child but after heading to college there was no need, hello- college campus library. After a full card of info, a failed attempt at using my driver’s licence as a form or ID/verification of where I live, another failed attempt at using junk mail for verification, and 3 references later, I had my card! After all the paper work the adventure began.
I’d forgotten how much fun a library can be. Endless amounts of books. Shelves of movies. Desks full of computers. My reader (loves to look at and have books read to her), Maggie was in HEAVEN! My non-reader (squirmy worm, look at the book when I feel like it), Izzie loved it because their were bigger kids there, a riser for children to sit and read on (she climbed) and a Giant Clifford dog for hugging! Great place! Angel, my friend’s oldest, had been walking Mags up and down the ales of books telling her all about them and showing her just a few favs. I then got to show Maggie her section trying to give a simple explanation of how all of this world of wonder worked. She then got to get a ‘shopping’ basket from the front desk and select 10 books to check out for the week. What books did she pick you ask? 9 Curious George books and 1 called Aaron’s Hair. She has been a huge fan of that “silly little monkey” for a long while now but these books are a little different from the movies and small board books we have at home.
When we got home and began reading them I noticed a basic plot in every one of the CG books- George disobeys the Man in the Yellow hat, makes some really bad choices followed by one good choise, and ends up walking home a hero with no repercussions. WHAT? I’m sorry but that’s the opposite of what I’m trying to teach my children day in and day out. If that wasn’t snareled-nose enough; Aaron’s Hair is about a boy who has hard to manage hair which leads him to one day tell it, “HAIR! I HATE YOU!” HUH? I continued reading after trying to skim past that part attempting to excuse it. The hair jumps off the boy’s head and proceeds to run all over town where it tries to grown on other people in random places on their body. Aaron, in an attempt to get his hair back, keeps instructing these individuals, “tell the hair you don’t like it” which leads the people to yell, HAIR! I HATE YOU!” When I realized this would be the theme of each encounter I no longer read the words I just quickly went through each page talking about where the hair was going/doing. The only reason I kept reading was to get to the end where there would obviously be a moral…you guessed it- NOPE!
This adventure (which we will continue to journey through despite this rough week of book selection) has taught me once again that no matter how beneficial, fun, memorable an activity with my child it will always demand my discernment as a Christian parent. I let my guard down. This is such a “good” place and reading is such a healthy thing, I thought to myself. You should never expect godly behavior, ideals, or basic lifestyle out of something/someone who is not a Christ follower (and even more scary, some who hold the name Christian). God has entrusted me with these amazing little blessings. I am responsible for what they are exposed to, taught, and even their actions at this age. It’s a high calling; with blessings, fun, laughs, miracles, joy, but not without tears, exhaustion, aches, stress, and LOTS of mistakes hopefully followed by learning. We will check out all kinds of books and use each one to have discussions about the chooses, language, attitudes, etc good or bad, that comes up in that time.

A few more pics our our 1st trip to the public library

You notice all my pictures of Maggie are slighly blurry right now. Can’t get her to slow down.

 I’d LOVE feedback! **comments available below!**

Thanks Hershey’s


How many of you have laundry stories? You know, the ones that involve pens, markers, wallets stuffed with valuable recites, gum, pictures, anything non-launderable. Yep, I have even washed a diaper! For real! The hubs apparently carries them in the cargo pockets of his shorts…so much for going the extra mile to checking the top 4 pockets for the infamous wallet (washed at least 3x before). But today’s shout out goes to Hershey’s!

THANK YOU Hershey’s Krackel Miniatures for making(apparently) washable and inpinatraitable wrapping! My load of laundry was saved! How anyone could forget a Krackle in their pocket I’ll never understand.

The “Monica” Closet


I am an admitted, recovering, HOARDER!

It’s hereditary. Everyone’s trash is my families treasure. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t save things like banana peels or something…well, unless we can come up with a great use for them. We are organized in our clutter. We have piles of scrap metal, appliances, clothes, non-perishable food, movies, furniture, cars, decorations for every holiday. The list goes on and on. We share our piles when someone is in need, it just might take a little digging.

I digress…as a RECOVERING hoarder- God Does call us to be a good steward of the things he blesses us with and I am NOT slamming my family or the billions of people who life this way but I believe He has called me, in my life, to live like the birds, depending on Him day-to-day to provide our needs.

This is our attempting to live a hoard-free life of “poverty”, according to most of American standards, so that we may (Matthew 28:19 NIV) Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, we have abundantly basic needs and even wants for our entire family.”

The “Monica” closet may be under control right now but my next task it the guest room closet where I am storing all our things we intend to “get rid of” via giving to friends/family, a yard sale, consignment sale, and ultimately the good will.

These are just a few scriptures and or websites with godly insight that I’ve refered to before in our journey.

Abraham’s Promise: Genesis 21:1-7, Genesis 22:1-19, Hebrews 6:15

Joseph’s Preparation: Genesis 41:41-57

Rich Man’s Store House: Luke 12:13-21

David Platt’s Radical, the book

Gospel Poverty mentality

That being said…I now attempt to organize every space in my home to make it comfortable and super functional as well as keep my heart in check and out of the “stuff mart“. Because of the physical goal, just like in the ’90s sitcom “Friends” Season 8 Episode 14 “The One with the Secret Closet”, I have over organized and this closet is where all the stuff goes that doesn’t fit into an already existing category. Just another area I fail in my life as I am trying to fix things my own. I will praise God in these times to because when I am weak He is strong. When I have the false sense that I am somehow “handling” things without Him the destruction and fall come as a result of my pride and haughty spirit (Proverbs 16:18).

~Confessions of a Recovering hoarder~

*To see the newest attempt at this challenge click to see the original post.

**Friend me on Facebook to see the 1st attempt at the “Monica” closet.

***Insight in to the life of true Hoaders

Another Dream


Think I’m about to yard sale my ‘dream’… Scrapbooking- just not practical n this season of life.

Can’t deside…sort by -letters, paper, decor. -by theme -yard sale and trash pile. The task of cleaning my “home office” (craft closets sub for me) for the 31 days to clean challenge has become a spiritual struggle for me today. Torn.

I love the idea of having personally made scrapbooks and even enjoyed making the few I have BUT the desire to use the materials that taunt me from within my craft closet are just stressing me and bringing out my selfish pity party. It’s sooo not fair that I have not time for myself. It’s not fair that I don’t have an organized space to keep my projects sprawled all over. It’s so not fair that…you get the picture.

I am currently working on reorganizing my time. Managing each set of 24 hours I’m given should help me feel as though I’m begin more productive…right? I can’t decide if I’m throwing in the towel on something that as possible or if this is something God is calling me to purge from my life at this time. BTW I have the same 24 hours all these other, overly productive, moms, and wifes have and been abundantly blessed with tons of random supplies (minus the books), a huge walk-in closet that I am currently using to house all my craft supplies, and my house is 3000 square feet.

Just a few stories in scriptures I’m sifting through today:

Abraham’s Promise: Genesis 21:1-7, Genesis 22:1-19, Hebrews 6:15

Joseph’s Preporation: Genesis 41:41-57

Rich Man’s Store House: Luke 12:13-21

Got any godly advise or stories to share out there?

A Journey of God’s Goodness


Today’s post is a guest post from my amazing Hubs, Matt Rothacher!

A journey of God’s goodness

When guests come to our house I often find myself telling various length versions of how we came to reside in 5 Concord Drive, and my wife asked me to share one of those versions here (she was vague on the length so if this gets really long, she brought this upon herself)…

About a year ago my lovely wife and I began to feel that God was moving us into a new place of ministry and, as with any move, perhaps the most important facet is where you will live. My bride loves looking at different houses and so anytime a new church would contact us it would free her up to scour the internet looking for our next home. Now, I’m not as big of a house enthusiast as my wife, but I did get excited to search for our next abode, so I helped in the internet hunt. As I did, I stumbled across an enormous house in the area of town we were looking for a price well below the norm. The house was listed on multiple sites, but the majority of those only had a single picture of the outside. With much effort, I found the one site with pictures of the inside. The aesthetic condition of the inside appeared to be a big part of why it was priced where it was, and I set my heart on it.

To understand the whole picture of this gift I have to let you in on what God was doing in me apart from just relocate. For weeks, prior to beginning the interview process, my emotions had been going haywire. I would find myself tearing up when watching the Biggest Loser, which isn’t totally abnormal but I was crying when they’d step on the scale before any emotional twist came. It was always the same- I felt the need for the emotional release and tears would start to come out and then it was if someone just shut it off and the fullness would remain. Then God clued me in on what was going on.

I was sitting in the initial interview meeting with the staff of our new church, and noticed both of them using iPhones which of course set off my “I want one of those” rants, and they assured me that all staff received an iPhone. I couldn’t tell you anything else about that meeting after that but I came home telling my wife all about the iPhone and little else about the church. This caused me to stop and ask God why I was so excited about a silly phone. What I found is something I’m not proud of; I had lost my faith in God’s goodness towards me and my life. Now I could with great confidence and belief tell you that God desired to give you the desires of your heart, I just had become jaded to the fact that He cared about my desires. Or rather that my desires just never matched His for my life.

This poor thinking was a direct result of the birth of my first child, Maggie. I, like most men, really wanted a boy (for the record I would not trade my Maggie for a thousand boys) and the entire pregnancy I wanted this baby to be a boy. I knew though, from the very beginning, that she was not a boy. We didn’t find out the sex until her birth but I knew. I knew because I wanted a boy and therefore God would not give one to me. It was a horrible image of God, I knew this, but it was my image of Him. Apparently it was set in place almost two years before I realized it bothered God even more than it bothered me. So back to the iPhone and my question, “why this phone was so exciting?” God’s answer to my question was one that spoke healing into my heart. “I am going to prove my goodness to you through this move. I want to give you the desires of your heart even the ones as small and seemingly insignificant as an iPhone.”

I mentioned that the house was already listed well below average, so much so that you looked at the price, and then at the square footage and concluded: problem. Something’s gotta be wrong with it. We were sure that there was probably something wrong with the foundation and clearly the interior needed some immediate attention, but I loved it and began asking God to give it to me at a price our family could afford. We made an offer $25,000.00 below the asking price, contingent on there not being  foundation damage, and they took it! Our home inspection found nothing wrong with the foundation at all, which came as shock to everyone but my wife and I. The price of the house versus the size of the house was so  unbelievable to the bank financing our loan that they sent their own inspector and made a structural engineer come out to look at it; it passed again! Every step of the move God showered His goodness upon me with the house being the second biggest blessing of it. God capped off our move with a completely unexpected blessing. His name is Benjamin and he is the son of my right hand. My God gives the best gifts; he truly cares about the desires of His children’s heart!

“If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!” –Jesus (Matthew 7:11)

*To learn more about My handsome hubby or to read Matt’s blog click here.

Here Turtle Turtle Turtle!


I have had a ROUGH morning! Can’t even really put my finger on why. One of those days where you wake up later than you wanted to, moved to slow to get ready before the hubs has to leave for work, ya eat a wholesome poptart and DP breakfast, the toddler and preschooler are finding all the “bad choices” they can to get lots of your negative attention, the preschooler has decided today is not the day she is going to become fully potty trained but instead is going to full-out poop and pee herself, lunch consisted of ham and cheese sandwiches, and all ya wanna do is scream then hide in the quiet pantry and eat oreos…melodramtic, I think not.

God decided to change my afternoon!

As both my girls headed upstairs for nap and the babe was still snoozing, I looked out my front window to watch a women shoving something out of her car into my side yard. She proceeded to poke at it and stare at my yard… I RAN to grab my shoes, threw them on as fast as I could, all with a huge smile on my face. As I hurriedly unlocked the front door I watched the car drive away. As quickly as possible, without bringing awkward attention to myself from my across-the-street neighbor and alerting him to my craziness , I wide-strided it across the yard in the vicinity of where I saw the yard-pocking women drop off something. I’m sure if that neighbor had seen me he would have thought I was a crazy eyed little kid looking to get into trouble.

I FOUND IT! That’s right, it was a TURTLE!!!

Isn’t he CUTE?!?! (Could she have sat it any closer to the curb?)

I snapped this shot, watched him for a moment (hunkered down like a preschooler investigating something on a field trip), and then, as if there were any other options, picked him up and carried him quickly over to my house all the while trying to figure out where I was going to keep him. hmmm… This will work until the girls get up from nap and I introduce them to our new friend:

 Sooo excited!!! Eeeee!

This may sound just plain silly to all you sane people out there but here’s a little background and what I feel God is trying to tell me on this HORRIBLE day.

When I was a child, one of the things my mom Always let us do was “save” turtles from off the road! We could be driving along, in a hurry to somewhere, I’m sure, and we would see a turtle in the middle of the road. It never failed, whether it was her idea or my brothers and mine, we would “save” the turtle by just moving it to the side of the road or on some occasions, TOOK IT HOME! I usually don’t advise taking them home. Most of ours, if kept in a box, did not like lettuce, ripped up grass, and dirt we threw in there to create a lovely habitat for them.

Every time (and I DO mean Every time) I see a turtle in the road, to this day, I want to “save” it. I once “saved” a turtle during the 1st year of my marriage. One the way home, on my 45 minute commute, I found a turtle and naturally brought it home. When I arrived home, bearing my treasure and grinning ear to ear, my hubby just raised his eyebrows in confusion as he stared back and forth at me and my new friend. “Why?” he asked. I was taken back…”why“…why would I need a reason? That’s just what you do. He proceed to explain to me that it was not a good idea to “save” turtles. Reasoning: danger factor- for me to be in the middle of the road just like it is for the turtle, sickness factor- wild creature, weirdness factor- it just is, and the turtle factor- this is not his home, wilderness is, they don’t really eat lettuce and carrots, and so on. Ok ok, I hear ya. So I submitted to his God-given and obviously well placed authority. No more turtles coming home. I placed that one in our giant, treeless backyard, hoping it would live there and like it! I checked on him the next day and some how he’d escaped my fenced in paradice…boo!

This morning was different though! For some unknown reason, a random stranger in a white station wagon (also hold a place in my heart), cruised down my cul-de-sac and chose my yard of all the other well-wooded yards to place this little guy in. YAY! Our Father is good! There are so many little nuggets I could pull from this but today I’m going to walk away with: my Heavenly Father knows me! He knows my past, present, future. He KNOWS me! He knows me today. He knows I had a rough morning. He knows a silly turtle in my yard would make me smile! Tears are coming just thinking about how loving He is toward me. He’s not disappointed in me. He’s not upset because I lost my cool with my babes this morning. He isn’t giving up on me because I wasn’t seeking His detailed will from my life today. He knew I needed some encouragement today and He knows me so well that He places a turtle in my yard to jog a silly memory from childhood, renew my joy, and give me inspiration to interact more meaningfully with my girls this afternoon!

What kind of turtle stories do you have? I’d love to hear them. PLEASE share.

*side note: I intend on putting the turtle in our backyard while the girls Ooo and Awe over him, give him a name, have a lesson about adorable little turtles, and then set him free!


Pics of my girls spotting and chasing the turtle

My Day


I walk downstairs into my immaculately clean home that is tastefully decorated, already showered, fully dressed in adorable mom clothes, hair look’n great, with a full (modest) face of make-up, ready to take on the day. I grab a cute coffee mug of coffee and cozy up in this cute comfy nook in the corner of my kitchen with my adorable Bible, Bible study notebook and a cutesy pin. I delve into God’s word for a refreshing, inspiring, meaningful time with just me and God as my handsome hubby and gorgeous children remain asleep in their well-decorated, clean, organized rooms upstairs. As I wrap up my motivating time with my Lord, I move straight to cooking a beautiful breakfast for my family. As I begin to bring my well-balanced meal to the table in serving dishes still hot, they (my 4 children who are evenly spaced two years apart and cheerful hubby) all enter the dinning room with smiles on their faces, fully clothed, and ecstatic to see me and the rest of the loving family. After we enjoy our meal together, as the morning sun glimmers in through the clean windows, I go around clearing the table as everyone goes immediately to grab their things, neatly prepared the night before by the door in cute cubbies, and head out to work and school with kisses and hugs from me, their God-fearing, put-together, beautiful, amazing in all ways, Proverbs 31 wife and mommy.

UGGG! You KNOW where I’m going with this…

This has been my ideal day. As a new believer in junior high I would fantasize about having this life. It was inconceivable idea that there would ever be a day where a shower wasn’t possible. If the lady in the commercial can clean up that giant mess her baby just made with just one  paper towel  in an adorable comfy looking skirt and button down then I could pull that look off easy; ya know, ’cause my child’s not gonna even make messes. I don’t even like coffee (no offense Sarah Mae) but everything looks more grown up in a cute coffee cup rather than my simple can of cold Dr Pepper. If I love Jesus and I’m working hard enough I should be able to pull of being a “Beth Moore” every day of my life. If I’m not serving my family a wholesome meal out of serving dishes then I don’t care about them enough. I don’t know what I thought I’d do before my gorgeous children could actually dress themselves or much less walk down the stairs by themselves. When was I going to prepare their things with night before? After feeding, bath, bed, chores, or finally getting to chat with my hubby before passing out?

Today, MY plan: accomplish my idea. This was actually yesterday’s plan but that was a big FAIL! When I finally made it up, 30 min after my alarm (on my phone- who would have ever thunk it?), I showered way too long, put on a t-shirt and long cotton shorts (which had become my mom uniform), and with wet hair and a little make-up on, I slugged my way downstairs to greet my simi-clean home (thanks to 31daystoclean), grab a poptart and a can of DP, add some items to the grocery list, sit down for a quick devotional thought(provided by someone else), began typing this to get it out of my system just in time to hear my 4-month-old crying to be fed, hoping my handsome hubby will grab him for me before his crying wakes the two girls, (almost) 3 years old and 16 months old. ______ Ok, fed my little man and am currently super jealous that the day I chose to wake up early rather than my husband everyone is sleeping well past 8:00am rather than 6:45 or 7. Rrrr Oh well. The rest of my day will probably be a fight between trying not to be frustrated because I am not accomplishing my selfish goals and that of being the loving idea wife and mom I desire to be already. I want my children to love the Lord and follow Him closer than me, which right now will not be a challenge. God is messing up my ideal. He knows what is best for me! He is refining that desire of my heart to look more like His for my life. Not all of it is bad/unrealistic. But I cannot do it. ALL things are done through Christ who gives me strength.

God is doing a work in our family’s life and I don’t want to be left in the dust! I am seeking to joyfully follow the leadership of my husband who I see is chasing God at a quick pace. It would be nice to have that ideal day but I’d like to focus on the seeking God for God right now. Learning to hear Him. Excited about new tools for this adventure that have fallen into my lap: 31 Days to Clean, Radical (aka The Evil Orange Book), and Brave, Honest Questions Women Ask. I have never considered myself someone scared to say yes to what He is calling me to but it’s been easy things so far. I think my world is about to totally change.

surrendering my ideal today

*8:30 and still no peep from the girls, the hubs, or my little man who went back to sleep after eating. I’ll take this as God’s gift for allowing Him to begin this work in my life.

*Disclaimer: That was not a slam on Beth Moore. Feel free to insert you ideal, amazing godly women who has inspired you and whom you have possibly put on a pedestal hoping to one day be like.