Magdalene Reese is 3 years old and can’t learn enough. Maggie will be starting home {pre}school this August. Mag’s favorite pass time is playing mamma/doctor/chief/sunday school teacher while taking care of her babies! Magnadoodle enjoys a warm cup of chocolate mild and, her new found love, “peanut butter candies” {reese’s pieces} which she gets as ‘potty candy’!

Isabella Ruth is a year and a half old and is none stop movement. Izzie is super vocal even though she has few words. Iz knows what she wants and will put up a good fight for it. Izzie Ru’s favorite pass time is copying her big sister and munch’n on ANY snacks!

Benjamin Ryan is 7 months old and is super active. Jamin rolls the moment you lay him on the ground and has learned to climb out of his bumbo. J enjoys a good nursing session or bottle topped off with 1/2 jar of fruit! J-man refuses to stand on his feet, curling them up and giggling.

They’ll melt your heart with their huge smiles and personality!!!


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