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31 Days to Clean: Day #7



31 Days to Clean Having a Martha House the Mary way

Day 7- The Curse (What We’re Up Against)

Mary Challenge: Read Romans 8:20-21. What is the hope in the Curse?

My hope is that because I’m a bond-servant of Christ I have been released from my burden to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of being a child of God.


Martha Challenge: Kitchen – clean out and organize your pantry.

Like I’ve said before: We LOVE hosting all kinds of things in our home! We make up excuses people over. We have been blessed with an amazing accommodating kitchen all necessary and unnecessary items for just such occasions. Our pantry is no exception. We could store food for an army in there! I am kind of what some may call OCD and love keeping things organized so this task wasn’t dreaded but it was kind of time-consuming given the size of the God-given pantry. My girls were so excited to “help”. They moved items from one shelf to the next so I could wash each shelf and then help group things (great lesson on sorting/matching). Although, I may be creating OCD babies. My (almost) 3-year-old had a hard time when I decided to relocate things from the previous areas she’d become acustom…oops!

Here are the befores:

and afters:


31 Days to Clean: Day #6


Day 6 – The Six List- The $25,000 Piece of Advice

Mary Challenge: Print out the attached Six list and use it for six days in a row.     

I really enjoyed this advice but have yet to put into practice. If you have and would share with me a practical/example of how you are using it I would totally benefit from that.

Martha Challenge: Kitchen – Clean out and organize all your cabinets.

I’m a weirdo who like organizing to this was kinda fun! I’m also all about living minimalistic in an attempt to not get caught up in materialism although HOME items are my weakness!

Cup Cabinet

Plate and Bowl Cabinet

Mixing, Casserole Dishes, and Above Stove Cookbook Cabinet

Before Seasoning, Above Fridge, and Medicine Cabinets


After Seasoning, Above Fridge, and Medicine Cabinets

Office Stuff and Serving Dishes Cabinets

Under Sink Supplies and Storage Container Cabinets

Pan and Lid Cabinets

Baking Pans Cabinet

Small Appliance Cabinet

Lenin and More Serving or Baking Dishes Cabinet

We LOVE hosting…well, anything in our home! We make up excuses to have individuals or large groups of people in our home. We have been blessed with an amazing accommodating kitchen that is able to store both dishes, supplies, tools, and food to easily adapt if a dinner date with another family turns in to a dinner party of 20+ (true story!). As a family we intend on using our home for God’s glory and if at any time that stops happening my prayer is that He takes this blessing and gives it to someone who will.

This side note is leading me to write a post on the story of our HOME! Coming SOON!

31 Days to Clean: Day #5


Day 5 – Priorities

Mary Challenge: Come up with list of our priorities, in order of importance (I suggest rating them, 1-5, to evaluate how you’re doing).

Martha Challenge: Kitchen – Wash your window treatments and/or clean your blinds. Wash the inside of your windows.

 I am soooo glad we still don’t have “window treatment” anywhere in our house a year after moving in- Thank You Dave Ramsey, FPU. My beautiful, (almost) 3-year-old, big helper was Super Excited about being able to help with one of the tasks! These windows were just the right height, with a step, rather than the ones up high, behind the kitchen sink. She actually was a good helper!!!

Praying you have an adorable little helper during your 31 Days to Clean challenge! PLEASE, share your journey through this book or cleaning challenges in general!

31 Days to Clean: Day #4


 31 Days to Clean Having a Martha House the Mary way

Day 4 – A Place to Put Your Feet Up

Mary Challenge: Invite over a friend and allow them to “put their feet up.” Don’t worry about making everything just right, instead, enjoy their    company.                        

I haven’t had the privilege of doing this yet but hope to get to have someone or a group of people over SOON! This is already a custom in our home so I feel I’ll fair well, even with a drop in!                             

 Martha Challenge: Kitchen – Clean your oven and microwave.

I LOVE that my oven has a “self-clean” option and I use it at least every other month. ALTHOUGH, I didn’t know/think about the funk, that falls between the cracks then you clean out the oven, going into the warmer drawer. Thank goodness we don’t store our pans in there because that was embracingly nasty: full of crumbs, a couple of dead bugs, and cobwebs!


*Got to host our Sunday school class tonight (which we do often) but this was even more spur-of-the-moment than normal. The 1st family walked in while I was still cleaning up that “gunk” that collects under the booster seat. Felt great and comfy to sit and chat with friends while the men chatted in one room and the babes ran round in the toy splattered house! We had to call it quits ~30 min past all our kiddos bed times. LOVE IT! (5-15-11)*

31 Days to Clean: Day #3

Day 3 – 10 Ways to Give Life to Your Home

Mary Challenge: Ask your family what makes them feel the most loved when it comes to you caring for your home – ask them to be specific so that you can begin (or continue) to give life to your domain.

My 3 babes under 3 just stared at me… hehe

My sweet, amazing, encouraging hubby told me it makes him comfortable, (and I guess) feel loved when he comes home every afternoon and the house (mainly the living room) is picked up. He also said that this makes him more aware of cleaning/keeping things picked up daily and when he’s watching the kiddos for me. *Bonus! He also appreciates it when he comes down stairs, from his nightly routine of putting the girls to bed, to find I’ve done the nightly load of laundry and dishes as well as picked up any stragglers from the girl’s game of “clean up” for bed. YAY!

Martha Challenge: Kitchen – Dust tops of refrigerator, cabinets, and shelves. Clean and shine the outsides of drawers and cabinets.


GROSS! I believe the former family who lived in this house were deep-frying smokers (no offense) because the amount of built up grease and grim on the tops of those cabinets could have stocked Mickey Ds for years!

Well, that’s my excuse anyway ;o) Not cleaning them well a year ago when we moved in was a real contributing factor but hey, I was prego and exhausted…yeah, I know, another excuse ;o)


Starting a new challenge


Glad you have come to visit my quirky little slice of the world wide web. Hope you enjoy yourself!

In the past year I have moved to a new town and set up camp in a new domain. I am raising my 2 darling daughters (“3 in June” and 16 months), and our newest addition, our baby boy (4 months). I am continually learning to be a better help-mate to my hubby (7 years in May!), BUT the most exciting thing that has come in the last year has been to discover where and how God wants me to grow. This is fun! God has been moving in new ways and through new venues! I have been attempting to read His word more often, be open to His guidance in everyday situations, find more Christ-based resources, and follow the leadership of my godly husband. Because of this obedience (and even in spite of a lot of disobedience), God has sent me through some TOUGH growing!

Just one of the Christ-based resources God has used is the blog (blogs are a definite God send for crazy moms like me) likeawarmcupofcoffee.com by Sarah Mae.  Recently she has released her newest e-book, 31 Days to Clean Having a Martha Home the Mary Way. Because I read her  inspiring blog often I was excited to see what this (CHEAP, $4.99) book had to say. I’m always up for a challenge (raisinghomemakers.com is leading the 31 days challenge which began May 1st) and helps on maintaining or enhancing my “domain”. Each day has inspiring thoughts, a Mary challenge, and a Martha challenge. Check it out and join up today!

All that being said (I’m hoping to get better at this), I am going to start a series about each day’s progress going back to day 1.