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31 Days to Clean: Day #10


Mary Challenge: Picture your home in all its clean and organized glory, and then burn the image into your brain and heart. Now grab your journal (or notebook, or scrap of paper) and write down your big picture. Ask God to help you physically create the vision for your home life.

I am having a hard time with some of these Mary challenges. They have me doing more physical doing than I expected for it being a “Mary” challenge and then it’s also having me do a lot of me discovering what I want. This life I live is no longer mine but Christ’s…I feel as though I should be re-evaluating the importance I place on my picture of what I want. Yes, if Christ is in us, He will give us the desires of our heart but I also know that Satan’s main way to weezle his way into our lives is with deception. Satan can use something harmless (ie the ideal clean home), twist and manipulate it until we are fixated on it and truly believe that is what God is asking of us.

I went the opposite direction in this challenge and have been trying to sweep the ashes from my burned in “big picture” out of my mind and heart so there is uncluttered abundant space for God’s “big picture”. I don’t just want His help “physically create the vision for [my] home life”. Right now, in my life, He is fixing my gaze on a larger world view outside my windows rather than inside.

Don’t get me wrong. I fully believe my home is a gift from God to be used for God but I don’t want to get caught up in what I want to accomplish here.


Martha Challenge: Living Room – Clean your window treatments and wash the inside of your windows.

Windows…WHY did I say I loved lots of window to let in natural light.

Mags thought it was hilarious to be “sprayed” on the other side of the windows and then apparently I missed a few spots ;o)


Izzie was a scrub’n machine. She’d say, “wa wa wa” the entire time she was wiping the windows. Then she came to show me all the grime she’d cleaned up and when back for more. Love having my girls help with cleaning!




31 Days to Clean: Day #9


31 Days to Clean Having a Martha House the Mary way

Day 9 – Confronting Laziness

Mary Challenge: Every time you find yourself saying, “I will do that later,” I want you to stop and pray, asking God to give you a spirit of diligence. then, with an obedient heart, go to work. If (and when) you fail, allow His grace to lift you up and begin again. I know you can do it!

I so popped a squat to read over this chapter again to “take a break” from the chores I was supposed to be accomplishing while my girlies were playing well together and read over these challenges and had to shut the computer immediately, ask God for that spirit of diligence, and get to work with an obedient heart! Crack’n me up. Just when I thought I didn’t deal with laziness.

Martha Challenge: Kitchen – Sweep, vacuum, and mop floors. Add some fresh flowers to brighten your day.

Mopping, I HATE mopping!!! I decided that if I was gonna go to all the trouble to get out those evil tools to do the kitchen I might as well do all the “hardwoods” down stairs. Ugg! I did and it ended up not being too bad. I was even able to evolve my girls with minimal stress and injury…pics to come:

BIG helper, and very ingenuous as well ;o)

You already know where this is going don’t you?

 YEP! There it is! and…it’s nap time! Poor girl wiped out 3 times. But that was some good scrubbing she was doing!

 This one was dancing and singing. Great little helpers!


 More dancing! (FYI: I’d already mopped the floors well and just let her push around the wet mop this time)




Oooo, almost forgot our “fresh flowers”. We opted for a little “science” project that would last a little longer and cost $1.o0!

(ignore the rough-looking mamma in the background…Mopping-remember!)

We already have GROWTH! (~3 days later it showed up)

Totally recommend this cheap lesson for preschoolers! (~1 week’s growth pictured):

31 Days to Clean: Day #5


Day 5 – Priorities

Mary Challenge: Come up with list of our priorities, in order of importance (I suggest rating them, 1-5, to evaluate how you’re doing).

Martha Challenge: Kitchen – Wash your window treatments and/or clean your blinds. Wash the inside of your windows.

 I am soooo glad we still don’t have “window treatment” anywhere in our house a year after moving in- Thank You Dave Ramsey, FPU. My beautiful, (almost) 3-year-old, big helper was Super Excited about being able to help with one of the tasks! These windows were just the right height, with a step, rather than the ones up high, behind the kitchen sink. She actually was a good helper!!!

Praying you have an adorable little helper during your 31 Days to Clean challenge! PLEASE, share your journey through this book or cleaning challenges in general!