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Home Schooling!


Yep, it’s official! A dream God gave me for my family back before I even started college has come full circle. Home Schooling!

As a zealous high schooler and then college student, God burned many ‘radical’ ideas in me as His disciple, one of which was the dream of home school. I was one of those weird kids that LOVED school. I hated missing and prided myself on having perfect attendance even if that ment going when I felt lousy. NO, I did not have straight As with that perfect attendance certificate but I worked hard for every grade I made! I never minded home work. I was always pumped to head back to school on or near my August birthday so an added bonus was School Supply Shopping during that month! Awe, the smell of crisp new plastic binders, beautifully tipped crayons pointing at me as I opened a new box of crayola, the smell of #2 pencils!

Werd, know!

So, after many years and having been in both camps {public and home School}, my husband and I have decided we will home school our babes! Why wouldn’t I be excited about this, a good excuse to not share my babes and buy school supplies?

I’d like to give you just a glimpse of how/why we’ve made this wonderful chose for our family but I always say, “If you can’t say or describe something better than someone else, quote them!” so:

10 reasons why you should homeschool from Jenny Buttler, a PUBLIC school teacher:

  • Individuality
  • Time Management
  • Standardized Tests
  • Substitute teachers
  • Seating arrangements
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Dress Code
  • Lesson Plans
  • Sheltered
  • Field Trips

{for more detail read the full post here}



A desired place I’d like to go: Ann Voskamp describes it best “Why would anyone be crazy enough to homeschool?”


What kind of views do you have about homeschooling? Any stigmas attached?
How ’bout the other camp, any views or stigmas to share about public schooling?

And just for the record, Thanks Dave Ramsay for teaching us how to handle our finances so I could go school supply shopping!!!




Printer/copier/scanner {never owned my own!}
New router/motum{so my internet actually works
Flashcards {add a little more challenge to Mag day before our HIPPY curriculum gets here}
New non-broken 3-hole punch
Velcro adhesive circles {making my own chore/schedule chart}
Laminator {Woop Woop!} only downer…not industrial like public schools ;o)